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As you may have noticed, it has been well over a week since I last wrote. Nayt was out of town for Gen Con in Indianapolis all last week, and I had grand plans for being a hermit and getting all kinds of things done around the house in his absence. But the Lord’s plans trump my human ones. ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead, I felt compelled to say yes to MANY social invitations, including but not limited to: National Night Out BBQ on my block, tea date with a coworker friend, babysitting some hilarious and energy-ball children, a family dinner and my usual commitments like house church.

Yes, I am an extrovert in the true sense of the word: I gain energy from people interactions. BUT last week was too much even for me! Every time I felt God nudging me to say “yes!” to whatever He was inviting me to, I deliberately had to choose that yes. And as the week progressed, there was more internal whining before I would finally concede to His will. ๐Ÿ™‚

When you are busy trying to do what Jesus is asking of you, time can FLY by. And because I am a fleshy girl who has to overcome her natural habits in order to love like Jesus, sometimes doing what He says takes a LOT of effort. By the end of the week, the idea of a Sabbath day was no longer an optional, Old Testament obsolete law I could choose to honor or not. Sabbath was required. Sabbath was necessary. Or I was gonna go into Monday with a less than holy attitude. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sabbath or psychotic Jes would be unleashed.

So, I set aside Sunday to do nothing. I considered it “holy” (set apart) from my usual tasks. I was “off duty” from people interactions. I was “off duty” from obligation and work. I still listened to what God asked of me, but He knew I needed to do things that would bring me rest and life. And I dedicated the entire day to only doing what was restful and life-giving.

It’s amazing when you take 24 little hours and set them aside as time you won’t be “on”. I think a small, barely noticeable miracle happens: your body resets itself to peace mode. My body had been in “DO ALL THE THINGS!” mode for almost 144 hours (6 days). My brain literally needed to power down in order to restart. Ever feel that way?

How hard is it for you to actually take the time away from your normal? Let me tell you, it is NOT easy for me. If I am not hyper-intentional, I just forget to do it. Sunday, while I puttered around in my yard and made cards and took a walk and did Jes things, I had multiple thoughts. God is a brilliant God. We are finite beings. Unlike God, we have limited resources and a small storage unit of energy from which we draw. We need Sabbath.

And I’m so glad I took it.

Sabbath reminds me that I am human and cannot do all the things. That I never could do all the things. I was only deluding myself when I attempted to do all the things. Sabbath reminds me that slow is okay and even required. Sabbath reminds me that I depend on God in order to be at peace. Sabbath is time to stop actively trying to grow and let God do it. Sabbath is drowsy, soaked in the sun, just standing still. Sabbath is home. Sabbath is where I want to live all the time.

Monday morning, a coworker asked how my “hermit day” went. And I realized that I had reset, that my brain and body were at total peace, ready to say “yes!” again to whatever God asked. He worked that small miracle in me. He had used the Sabbath to refill my energy stores. And it was good.



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