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Folksy goodness: Gillian Welch

I listen to music to chill out, and the lyrics are particularly important to me. So, I don’t gravitate to music that shouts over the lyrics. I like understated guitar and piano, and euro dance music is like pretty much the polar opposite of my style. (Fun fact, that’s Nayt’s favorite. We listen to music for VERY different reasons.) The music is important to lay the framework, don’t get me wrong. But it’s more like the carrier for the lyrics to me. Am I making enemies of all my musician friends now? 🙂

I’m a sucker for a moody, broody, soulful female lead vocal. Give me understated, stripped back instrumentals and a croony folk voice ANY day. Pair those with some insightful, poetic lyrics and you have the recipe for a band Jes will listen to forever. For these very reasons, I love the band Over the Rhine. I think I own over 20 of their albums. Once I find an artist I like, I tend to flip out about them and listen to whatever I can get my hands on…on repeat…for like a month.

So, I’m on the hunt for more folksy goodness. And because I work at a place where people sell tons of cds and alongside coworkers who have a vast wealth of music knowledge, I have begun listening to a bunch of new (to me) artists.

I’m pretty naive about the music scene. I rarely listen to the radio. I am not hip to who is blowing up the charts. So, if you all already know about Gillian Welch, you’ll pardon my ignorance to how awesome she is. Cause if you like soulful singers, folksy Americana and storytelling through song, you should check her out. For reals.

Look at Miss Ohio video

Tell me that isn’t perfection. 🙂


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