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Social Justice Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here I am at work wearing beautiful Bangladeshi clothes

My warrior-hearted friend, Bekka brought me this outfit back from Bangladesh. She was there on a mission trip and got to meet some amazing Bangladeshi girls who are in school there with Speak Up For The Poor’s GEP (Girls Education Program). Unfortunately, families need the income their girls provide through work in clothing factories and the sex industry and therefore girls are often not able to go to school.

So, I decided to wear this beautiful costume today so that when people ask what I am or where my outfit is from, I can say, “It’s from Bangladesh where girls just want to be able to go to school!”

And I thought I’d share it here too. You can make a difference in the lives of sweet girls on the other side of the planet, whose families need things like food and homes and money to send their girls to school instead of selling them to sex tourists. If you’re interested Speak Up For The Poor does a sponsorship program and you could help a specific girl be able to go to school with a small donation.

Check them out!

Happy Social Justice Halloween. 😀

We can help!


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Autumn: the season of furries

Fall is in the air here in Minnesota. We have highs in the 40s and 50s, and the trees are undressing in style. I’ve been brewing lots of tea and making endless pots of popcorn. Ahh, autumn. My favorite season.

And in my neighborhood, autumn is the season of stray cats. As the weather gets chilly, they start hiding nearer to humans’ warm houses. And last week, a stray black kitten decided our back deck was the perfect place. (“my back deck brings all the cats to the yard…”) Kitty greeted us with rumbly purrs, leg rubs and even tried to come inside! Unsure of kitty’s gender, I called all the no-kill shelters I could to try and find a home for it, but it’s the season of strays and everyone seems full o’ cats. So, begrudgingly and after more than one sob session, I took the little purry to Minneapolis Animal Control, confident that they could find it a home. Upon arriving home, its littermate showed up! So, like I ended up taking TWO cats to the shelter on the same day. (It was a rough day.)

Following kitteh’s progress online, we discovered that they were both boys. Much to my surprise, Nayt agreed to let us keep one!!! So…drumroll please…

Meet Rudi!

Oh hai, I is Rudi. Me purr ‘n’ rub face on yous.

Rudi is a 10 month old sweetheart of a stray who purrs while he eats. 🙂 He is quarantined to the craft room while he gets over some kitty sniffles and because Toby is a grump and we need to take introductions slowly. It’s been 5 years since we’ve had a kitten, and I forgot:

  1. how sharp their little needle claws are! YOW!
  2. how tiny they are! Toby has never looked fatter!
  3. how much ENERGY they have!

Kitten is doing well, and after my vet met him, she decided she wants to adopt his littermate. 🙂 That’s right, this cat is awesome enough to sway the heart of a lady who’s job is squeezing cats all day. 🙂

I know you all want the juicy gossip on how Toby is reacting to the intrusion in his home. So far, he is distracted with food and tolerating the dissolvement of his “only cat” status as well as can be expected. I honestly don’t think he’s as mad at the smell of new cat as he is mad that we periodically go in the craft room, shut the door and leave Toby out. Also probably doesn’t help that we then emerge smelling like traitors. 🙂 We’re giving it time at the recommendation of all the kitty sages.

Do you live in Minnesota? There are tons of sweet cats at the MACC that you could take home! Check it out! Also, HIGHLY recommend Feline Rescue, who helped me get Rudi since he was sick and therefore “unadoptable”. (I beg to differ! We wants him!) They are a no-kill shelter that fosters cats until they can be adopted. If you don’t have the ability to make a long term kitty commitment but want to save the furries from the shelters locally that euthanize, consider partnering with them!

Now, how about some more kitten pics!? *kitten is wiggly and moves a lot, I still don’t have a great shot of him, but these will suffice!

I is tiny ‘n’ real cute.
I bump the hooman’s face wiz my face.
If I fits, I sits!
Warm hooman! Me likes!
Lookit how pretty I is!
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Deep lyrics: Even unto death

It’s time for another “media Monday” post.

Today, I want to highlight an artist I’ve been obsessed with for about a year. I was first introduced to her at my house church when a friend brought one of her songs to share with all of us. Her name is Audrey Assad. And man, she writes some gorgeous things.

Last Fall, I got the rare treat of seeing her in person at an old church where she humbly led a worship sing-along to things she had written. At the time, I was feeling spiritually numb and the one hour of sitting in an echo-filled sanctuary with 100 voices singing her beautiful lyrics to God gave me goosebumps. I felt revived. I promptly went home and ordered her album that released earlier this year.

Sometimes I need a new song to sing, and when it comes from a woman who lets the lyrics speak louder than everything else she’s recorded, it hits me hard and the impact ripples for a while. The song I want to share is what she wrote after watching those 22 Egyptian Christians be martyred. She doesn’t hold back. She imagined herself on that beach, with the executor behind her head and hoped that she would pray these words:

“Jesus, the very thought of You, it fills my heart with love. Jesus, You burn like wildfire, and I am overcome. Lover of my soul, even unto death. With my every breath, I will love You…”


This song burned in me, and I realized that I wanted to sing it and mean it. I want to be so in love with Jesus that a man standing behind me ready to take my life does not impact my love for Him, does not impact me telling Him I love Him, aloud…in front of the person ready to take my life. I want that kind of faith, that kind of trust, that kind of real love for Him.