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Social Justice Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here I am at work wearing beautiful Bangladeshi clothes

My warrior-hearted friend, Bekka brought me this outfit back from Bangladesh. She was there on a mission trip and got to meet some amazing Bangladeshi girls who are in school there with Speak Up For The Poor’s GEP (Girls Education Program). Unfortunately, families need the income their girls provide through work in clothing factories and the sex industry and therefore girls are often not able to go to school.

So, I decided to wear this beautiful costume today so that when people ask what I am or where my outfit is from, I can say, “It’s from Bangladesh where girls just want to be able to go to school!”

And I thought I’d share it here too. You can make a difference in the lives of sweet girls on the other side of the planet, whose families need things like food and homes and money to send their girls to school instead of selling them to sex tourists. If you’re interested Speak Up For The Poor does a sponsorship program and you could help a specific girl be able to go to school with a small donation.

Check them out!

Happy Social Justice Halloween. 😀

We can help!



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