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Stacey Kent: a voice like butter!

Oh man, guys. I was on a long commute home, stuck in traffic and flipped on the local jazz station. So glad I did! I heard Stacey Kent croonin’ an understated version of That’s All and immediately bought the album on iTunes. Firstly, I love that song. Secondly, one of the major reasons I love jazz vocalists is that with the exception of skat, the general standard is to sing well, not necessarily to sing to show off. And I love that. To me, a great singer is one who can captivate with their pure voice, no noodling or embellishments or tricks.

Stacey Kent is pretty much the queen of that. She also sounds like a sweetheart. Somehow, she has an innocent engenue kind of auditory impression, like she is falling in love for the first time and we’re just invited into the pure joy of it. I imagine her singing with a secret smile. But it isn’t your cliche “dirty little secret” type. I find it refreshing that she manages romance without blantant, in your face sexy sexiness. There’s an honesty about her voice, a wholesomeness that doesn’t scream boring prude. Is that even a marketable trait in music anymore? And man, her voice is like melted butter, a soft purr, light rain drizzling your windows…pick your metaphor. 🙂

Have a listen: That’s All



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