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Kitten vs. Toby: the unfolding drama

I know you all are dying in wait for kitten drama updates. Do not worry. I have photojournalism in store just for you!

Toby has begun to tolerate eating near the kitten…

There is a reluctant peace between the kitties thus far. The kitten is 100% all about being friends. Toby is barely tolerating Rudi’s presence. We’re making progress. 🙂

Learning to share…
Toby wants the benefits without having to be near the kitten…
Toby is annoyed that the kitten gets to have all the fun (Rudi! attack the hand!!!!)

Toby’s major problem with Rudi is that he is a kitten. Rudi has SO. MUCH. ENERGY. When he comes into the room, he runs. He skips. He makes noise. He will unexpectedly jump on things. Toby no likey. He reacts by growling and meowing when the kitten comes near him. Or if there is a showdown on the stairs (i.e. Toby is sitting, watching the kitten and the kitten wants to get by), Toby air punches at Rudi with his paw, like, “THESE STAIRS ARE MINE!” Jerk cat.

But I am encouraged that Toby is slowly tolerating more and more time with the kitten. BOTH of them were cuddled on me Sunday while I was in the throes of the worst migraine of my life. Granted, they were a “safe” 2 feet away from each other, Toby taking my feet and Rudi on my chest, but I was impressed!

So, for now, I will sum up the kitten dramas with this final picture:

Toby is Emo. Rudi is Elmo.

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