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Little Free Library open!

Our little plot of land here in North Minneapolis just gained a long-awaited feature. We are now the stewards of a Little Free Library! Unfamiliar with the concept? Neighbors all over the country are supplying little library boxes in private and public spaces that contain free reading material for all ages, in the hopes that you will “take a book, leave a book” with no strings attached.

I have loved the idea since spying my first box and for my birthday this year, Nayt built me one with our friend Mike! It will be easy to keep stocked as I work at a bookstore and can peruse the clearance section weekly. And I’m hoping to meet neighbors while gifting our hood stories. Just a little way to make everything a bit nicer. Here in North Minneapolis, we have a few but nothing in the 3 block radius around our house. It’s a Little Free Library desert over here, y’all. (well, not anymore!) 🙂

Sadly, in the Twin Cities some people have been clearing out Little Free Libraries to resell the books for cash. I suppose free invites all kinds, but the idea of being taken advantage of, especially when stewards personally buy what goes in library boxes makes my justice rage alarms go off. Some recommended ways to combat this have been to mark each book as part of the Little Free Library system and to not have it stocked to the brim. So, today I marked spines and stamped interiors and hope this first batch will go to people interested in reading, not selling. 🙂

Without further ado, North Minneapolis, TADA another Little Free Library!


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