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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Over here in Minnesota-land, we’ve had our first few “sticking snows” and are entering December, the month where we accumulate the majority of the snow that won’t evaporate until March. But today it is raining (BOO! We want more snow!) and feels like October. So, in light of the fact that we are now officially in the holiday season, I would like to share some holly jolly from the Brookes home.

Yesterday, I spent some time making the treats that secure me happy little helper elves: Traci Brookes spritz cookies!


Last year, when I asked Nayt to help me put up Christmas decorations, his response was, “I don’t see any spritz cookies!” Apparently, he was bribed into jolliness by his mom’s baking. I don’t blame him, these cookies are ridiculously good. And for the first time, the entire batch turned out great. Huzzah!


Abdullah and Nayt put up the Christmas tree with me and even helped put ornaments on it! Spritz cookie magic!


Rudi kitten promptly got up in the tree to play. His two favorite ornaments are pictured above: 1) the pink baby ball is from my childhood and he likes to paw it until it falls out of the tree 2) he grabs Totoro with his teeth and runs off with him! I had to relocate poor Totoro higher into the tree…


I got a new tiny wooden nativity at work, and am happy with all the different ways we acknowledge the real reason for the season.


Some remaining decor, including: Nayt’s old Snoopy decorating his doghouse collection that comes out each year, a happy gnome my Aunt Greer gave me that is so adorable and a handmade Noel sign from old Christmas cards. 🙂

Merry Merry, everyone! Now, excuse me while I upload my extensive Christmas playlist to my iPhone so I can be jolly on my lunch break at work today…



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