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Last week, my friend Ann and I went to a wreath making class at the Northeast MPLS Mother Earth Gardens. I’m a newbie at floral arranging and crafting with foliage, so this class was AWESOME. At the end, I had sap covered hands that smelled of Christmas trees and a beautiful, tailored-to-my-style wreath. I will absolutely do everything in my power to make this a new Christmas tradition. Playing with branches is fun!!!

One thing I dislike about most options in ready-made wreaths is gaudiness. I like subtle green-on-green & was really pleased with how my concept was executed!


It’s actually quite time consuming to wire in all the posies, and I had 6 different sections! Super worth it as I love how it turned out!


Ann’s choice of pine cones and the huge green leaves looks awesome. So glad we went to this class together!


The wreath in all its glory on our front door. Welcome Christmas every day!

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