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Winter is trouncing us…

Well, here in the tundra, we’ve been experiencing some of Winter’s opening act. She started off mild and then flipped her switch into Canadian. Here at the Brookes homestead, we are excited to report the 6+” of snow from Sunday’s storm are sticking around real nice. This could be why…

Uhhh, I think I’ll stay in Saturday…

With temps hovering in the single digits all day, our snow should be around for a good while. Minnesota tends to accumulate snow in December that has no chance of melting til the Spring. Usually, the snow trumps my whining about the bitter cold. But this year, all I want to do is this…


And I’ve got extra reasons to hibernate, as I am now experiencing two different types of cold…

Cepacol and Throat Coat vs. Winter.

I still think the snow is beautiful…


But maybe I’ll just enjoy it from inside buildings and cars, cause…



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