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Mama love

Happy Mother’s Day to all you superhero moms out there. You are daily changing the world by purposefully engaging with the children you are rearing. I feel like mothers and fathers should get medals of honor after year 1 of surviving parenthood. So much sacrifice and love goes into shaping the future generations of humanity. It’s a bit overwhelming to think about.

So, let’s make it a bit more bite-size here while I focus on the particular person I get to call Mom.

One of my favorite pictures of my beautiful Mama circa July 2008…

It never really feels like enough to say thank you to the people who literally are credited for keeping you alive, clothed, fed and warm. When you are blessed with parents who also share lessons in how to create, explore, love, believe and experience God? Man, the debt I have is high…

So, for now, all I can say is this:

Mama, I am so lucky that God chose you to be my mom. I love you and have learned so much from you. I am honored that such a kind, creative and humble woman would choose to share her life with kids. I’m honored to be one of the people you are yourself around. I love witnessing your life and I love that my life is better because you are in it. Thank you for the labor of love you have given me over the 34.5 years I’ve been on the planet. Today, I have to settle for internet hugs. But Happy Mother’s Day!



Hi, I'm Jes. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and love to explore this big beautiful rock we live on. My blog is a place I share what's been rolling around in my brain as I navigate life with the living God, my husband Nayt, 2 crazy cats and a budding new human (due to arrive this summer).

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