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Ghost singer

So, I have been revisiting some of my favorite musical soundtracks over the past few days as I take the metro transit to work. And I stumbled again upon the beautiful King and I music. Remembering Deborah Kerr wasn’t much of a well-known singer, I was curious who this “Marni Nixon” is that’s credited on the soundtrack. Watch THIS!

Marni Nixon was the voice of EVERYONE

I am seriously shocked by the breadth of this woman’s vocal career! She has been the singing voice of so many versatile roles I have loved in musicals! How sad that it is so many years later that she is finally allowed to speak about her work! I mean, I understand MGM wanting everything hush-hush. I can understand actresses who don’t have the singing chops to want this kind of thing kept secret, but so sad for Marni.

Her voice is beautiful and very adaptable to so many different kinds of roles! What a wonderful talent she had. I am impressed and wanted to share it with all of you who watched all these musicals too. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Today I’m thinking about my Dad, a man who is equally equipped for any conversation with anything from a Princess Bride quote to deep theological questions. My Dad is someone who makes me laugh, makes me think and makes me feel loved.

When I stop for a few moments and remember things he has done in our history of being related, it’s hard not to be grateful. He enabled my discovery of myself as a kid, he has supported my dreams and taught me valuable skills so that I can be an adult. But more than this, my Dad is like a comrade in arms. I always feel as though he is my friend in the best senses of the word. Dad challenges my faith and throws wit at me like a pro. He is fun to be around and while you’re busy laughing and enjoying his company, you don’t realize that you are slowly marinating in a solid example of steadfastness, truth and love. Dad is strong. And I am grateful he is my Dad.

So, Happy Father’s Day. Could I have a better dad? “Inconceivable!”