Hello, I’m Jes Brookes.

I’m a relatively new bloggess, intrigued by the idea of more room to stretch out thoughts. I’ve become interested in shrinking my world, making deeper revelations and relationships more of a priority than the frenetically paced, “surface-level only” life that seems to be our autopilot at times.

Some practicals:

I live in a wonderfully diverse neighborhood in Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoy it so much more than I can say concisely. I am part of the West Sojourners House Church group: a collection of men, women and children who are committed to dying to selfishness and becoming more like Jesus. I’m honored to partner with a wonderful man, Nayt, who for the past 10 years, has taught me that marriage is more than just a noun. I spend a lot of my time at Half Price Books, where I’m paid to haul words around and peddle stories but am transitioning into my dream job this summer: stay at home mama. And no bio would be complete without mentioning my furries: Toby, a sassy, vocal tabby who is a crotchety old man at 9 years old and the “kitten”, Rudi, a 2 year old tiny panther that has mastered the art of food-thievery. They make life enjoyable and covered in hair.

So, welcome to a bit of me, spilled out on the screen. I hope we can have a few conversations along the way.